Coated Vicryl 4/0 W9106 (isi 12Pc) Taper ALKES123

Vicryl 4/0 W9106 Ethicon (Box/12Pcs) Taper Point

W9106 Coated Vicryl Suture 4-0
W9106 Coated Vicryl Suture 4-0

Informasi Vicryl 4/0 Vio 75cm

1. Benang diserap
2. Violet
3. 75 Cm
4. 17 mm
5. 1/2c
6. RB 1
7. Taper Point
8. Aplikasi Urologi dan Tonsil
9. Harga Rp. 1.426.700/Box (per 1 April 2019)
10.WA Fast Respond
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Coated Braided Vicryl Suture 4 0 W9106
Coated Braided Vicryl Suture 4 0 W9106

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